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What did your parents say to you that you, will never say to your kids.

What did your parents say to you that you, will never say to your kids.

I was on Facebook recently and a post in a twin group caught my eye. 

The poster had asked "What did your parents do with you, that you won't do with your children?” I flippantly replied that my mum never apologised to me as a chid so I make a point that if I'm wrong I will always say sorry to my kids and have a discussion with them. What I wasn't expecting was the number of likes my comments got. It seemed like this was a common theme for mums of that generation.

It actually proved to be quite a sad read, as many of the other mums had parents who had made comments about their weight and looks, compared them to siblings and other better-behaved friends but saddest of all never told their children that they loved them, were proud of them or that they were wanted.

It's a shame to think that these women have had to grow into adults with children of their own carrying these comments and experiences which have affected them deeply.

I have also spoken to a few friends regarding this and it seems to be a running theme throughout many of their childhoods. 

I think moving forward we all need to keep this in mind. We are all human and have our moments where not only our kids but our partners, friends, and colleagues drive us mad, but words said in the heat of the moment really can stick.

I'm not saying we shouldn't lose it with people, because it happens whether we like it or not, but we should always try and explain ourselves when things have cooled down.

Kids are sponges and really take these things on because we are their whole world and they learn how to be decent human beings through us. 


 Kelly xx


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