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To grey or not to grey, that is the question.

To grey or not to grey, that is the question.

The real question is, am I brave enough?

I'm sure a large percentage of women who currently have no access to a hairdresser, are debating what to do with their hair. 

Having had the odd grey hair since I was in my early 20's (thanks Mum!). I have for a long time dyed my hair a darker colour. Annoyingly as I age, my grey is increasing and is concentrated mainly around my front hairline. When left to its own devices (thanks lockdown!), the grey hair regrowth makes me look like I have a terrible receding hairline.

Without access to a hairdresser, the greys have been allowed to roam free and take over. All my friends and my Mum think I should let it grow the greys out, but my husband thinks that while it looks ok, it will age me.


Is 40 too young to go grey? Can I be bothered to continue to dye my hair for the next 20 years until society tells me it’s appropriate for me to age? Will I be viewed as no longer making an effort?

A friend of mine recently posted a picture of her grey hair on Facebook and asked her friends if she should dye it or grey gracefully. Her query garnered 28 comments with nearly all of the responses recommending she leave it natural. Luckily, she has only a few greys spaced evenly around her head. Mine are bright white (silver) and probably run an inch or two back from my hairline.



There is no way I will be able to hide the regrowth without dyeing the hair a darker colour. If I don’t dye my regrowth, I will end up looking like a cross between a badger and Cruella Devill!

If you were in my shoes, what would you do?


Kelly xx


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Jen - June 7, 2020

Firstly can I say that you look beautiful & I think it looks funky! I was just thinking about the length of time it will take to fully grow the dye out. Unless you want to go for a drastic image change and cut your hair short? How about having highlights so it blends in over time? I’m 39, with dark brown hair and like you I know it’s something I’ll have to tackle at some point. I wouldn’t usually comment but I just thought you looked so cool & you should know that! Whatever you decide it should be down to you & definitely not what ‘society’ dictates. X

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