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Family life during lockdown 2020

Family life during lockdown 2020

Is it taboo to talk about how much the lockdown has improved our family and home life?

On the whole we have been very lucky during the Covid-19 pandemic. John and I are both self-employed and our businesses have remained relatively unaffected during the last few months. We have unfortunately had a loss on my husband's side, this was a relative who was in her late 80's and in a care home. 

We have both always lead very busy lives, and John especially has always worked 24/7 without a break and so the lockdown has made everyone take a step back and slow down.

I can see that our children are so much happier having John around full time and it's lovely to watch their relationship grow and change. Johns and my relationship has become stronger as we have enjoyed regular cocktail hours in the front garden and discussed the days going on, the latest news and talked about things we'd like to do once the lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

I feel we have really made the best of a hard situation and I'm really proud to say that John and I have made the most of this experience for our kids and kept them happy and engaged. It certainly helps that the weather has been so nice and they can spend time out in the garden. Our backyard is starting to resemble a nursery playground with all the slides, balls, trampolines, and general crap that's strewn about.

Don't get me wrong, there has been plenty of hours spent in front of the tv while I'm trying to get some work done but a little Cbeebies never hurt anyone.... except in the night garden..... that show is weird! 

What I really hope we take away from this is the benefits of spending time as a family and making time to do that.

We will endeavour to have a lot more meals together and take more walks and have loads of adventures.

This photo is from a doorstep photo session I booked to mark this time in history and, I will literally use any excuse to get some nice family photos. 



How has the lockdown affected your family?


Kelly xxx



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